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The Divine Feminine Fire

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The Divine Feminine Fire is a book about our yearning – our desire to know our true nature, to ease the suffering we see around us, to save Mother Earth, and especially, to express our true selves creatively. For, amazing as it may seem, our desire to be creative is fueled by the same cosmic force that triggers our longing … buy valium diazepam 10mg


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The Fiery Muse: Creativity and the Spiritual Quest weaves the stories of the impassioned lives of great visionaries, such as Hildegard von Bingen, Rumi, and Walt Whitman, together with those of everyday people – who range from teachers and homemakers to artists and actors – and shows how the creative spirit can transform your life.

Shakti und Sophia -- The Divine Feminine Fire in Germam

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The respected German publisher Aquamarin Verlag has recently brought out a hard-cover edition of The Divine Feminine Fire in German. The description of the book below appears on their website. A few of the lines can be translated as: With great skill, Teri Degler succeeds both in honoring the divine and in grasping the masculine and feminine aspects of its essence….

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An image of Himalayas suffused with divine feminine light

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In the late 1980s North America seemed to wake up to the environmental crisis for the first time, and the first big wave of “green” books came onto the scene. As part of this I was commissioned by a large Canadian publisher to collaborate on writing a book for young adults with an environmental organization called Pollution Probe. The result, The Canadian Junior Green Guide, came out in 1989 and became a Canadian bestseller.

An expression of prana-shakti

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By Teri Degler © 2010 Reprinted with permission from SageWoman Magazine The extraordinary images below are paintings by Sandy Brand that express for me both the healing and the creative power of light. The year from hell started right after the year from Hades… I’d spent six months on crutches and gone through a minor – but painful – surgery … valium online fast shipping

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Teri's Other Books


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The romance of the sea and the colorful language of those who sailed her have given us countless expressions whose salty beginnings have been long forgotten. Discover why “three sheets to the wind” has nothing to do with laundry and “freezing the brass balls off a monkey” has even less to do with masculine anatomy. (Illustrations by Tina Holdcroft)


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If the expression “Not enough room to swing a cat” conjures up images of animal cruelty, you can discover its real meaning in this humorous but highly informative look at the unexpected origins of everyday expressions that come to us from the world of animals. (Illustrations by Tina Holdcroft)


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This practical, positive look at kids and discipline was one of Teri’s first books. Inspired by the work she did with emotionally disturbed children after obtaining her MA in the field, it details the affirmative parenting and teaching techniques she observed in the gifted teachers, insightful psychologists, and highly effective parents she encountered.


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To kids, dinosaurs are serious business, and woe betide the parent who can’t tell an Apatosaurus from a Hadrosaur and is blissfully unaware that the Brontosaurus is a beast from the past in more ways than one. Full of humor, this is a book that finally answers the questions kids really ask about dinosaurs. (Winner of American Dinosaur Society’s science … buy diazepam rectal tubes


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Aimed at 8 to 12-year-olds, this colorfully illustrated Canadian bestseller is packed with information, activities, and experiments that make complicated environmental concepts – from acid rain to the attributes of a truly animal-friendly zoo – easy to understand. (Awarded the “Gold Sticker” by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre)


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If you want to help save Mother Earth but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, The Kitchen Handbook shows you how to focus on one specific area of your life – the kitchen – and begin to make simple but extremely significant changes. It also provides simple, comprehensible overviews of the complex ecological issues related to what and how we … cheap valium for sale