The Divine Feminine Fire: Creativity and Your Yearning to Express Your Self

The Divine Feminine Fire -- a book on creative expression and the divine feminineThe Divine Feminine Fire is a book about our yearning – our desire to know our true nature, to ease the suffering we see around us, to save Mother Earth, and especially, to express our true selves creatively. For, amazing as it may seem, our desire to be creative is fueled by the same cosmic force that triggers our longing to do good in the world. Called Shakti in yoga, this divine feminine energy is not just as the creative force of the cosmos but also the creative force within you. (Published by Dreamriver Press.)

Shakti – The Creative Feminine Fire Within

In The Divine Feminine Fire you’ll delve into the myths and sacred stories that unveil Shakti’s mysterious workings, explore the stunning parallels to Sophia and Shekinah in Judaism and Christianity, and be passionately inspired by both fiery women mystics and women just like you. Each chapter concludes with creativity exercises that will increase your ability to

  • Draw on and express your divine feminine creative energy
  • Create a safe, protected space for creative self-expression
  • Become empowered by balancing the masculine and feminine within
  • Tame your fears and the harsh inner voice of criticism
  • Receive divine creative inspiration not only for expressing your soul but for finding creative solutions to all of life’s challenges…

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Endorsements – Shakti, Sophia, Shekinah as the Divine Feminine

Oriah Mountain Dreamer – internationally bestselling author of The Invitation, The Oriah -- a leading authority on creative inspiration and creative expressionCall, The Dance, and What We Ache For: Creativity and the Unfolding of Your Soul says: “While I intuitively share the often expressed conviction that what the world needs is for us to embody the divine feminine, I sometimes suspect we don’t really know what this would look like in an ordinary human life. The Divine Feminine Fire offers valuable insights into this by exploring the lives of saints and modern day mystics who our neighbors, our sisters, ourselves. This book stirs the imagination, stimulates our thinking and takes us deeper into the mystery.”

Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst – author of many of the most revolutionary books Marion Woodman -- Jungian analyst and world authority on the divine feminine and creative expressionof our times including Dancing in the Flames: The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness and Bone says: “Embodying the Divine Feminine is critically important for our times. This excellent book shows you can accomplish this by getting to know your body, bringing your body and your dreams together, and uniting body and soul.”


Dorothy Walters, PhD – author of Unmasking the Rose:A Record of Kundalini Dorothy Walters -- author of Unmasking the Rose: A journey of kundalini initiationInitiation, Marrow of Flame: Poems of the Spiritual Journey, and A Cloth of Fine Gold says: “Teri Degler offers us a feast of wisdom. Her deep knowledge of Yoga and of Kundalini-Shakti, Sophia, and Shekinah is presented in an amazingly clear and comprehensible way – and the creativity exercises are wonderful. She dives into the recesses of once hidden knowledge to show how Divine Love and Divine Wisdom are our constant guides. The Divine Feminine Fire will appeal to anyone who wishes to expand and deepen their spiritual knowledge and to anchor the Divine Feminine firmly in the “practice” we call daily life.”

Lawrence Edwards, PhD – author of The Soul’s Journey: Guidance from the Divine Lawrence Edwards -- a leading authority on kundalini ShaktiWithin and Kali’s Bazaar, and President of the Kundalini Research Network says “With engaging warmth and a great breadth of understanding, Degler illumines the power of the Divine Feminine and Her presence in the great spiritual traditions of the East and the West, from Kundalini Shakti to Shekinah. She also shares the ways in which the Divine Feminine is calling to us in our lives through our longing, our divine discontent – all that summons us to the fullness of who we are and to the marvelous journey of transformation and grace that comes from following that call”.

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