These weekly creativity tips and exercises are an invitation to delve deeply into the connection between your creativity and your spirituality. This connection is not a concept; it is not an abstract idea. It is real. It is visceral. More importantly, it is divine – and it exists within you. Indeed it exists with-out you. It exists everywhere and in everything. It is the life force itself – the unimaginable power that created the cosmos and keeps all creation moving towards the light. In many traditions this force can be seen as feminine. Known as Shakti, Sophia, Shekinah, she is the creative force of the universe; she is the creative force within you. Tuning into this power – and allowing it to flow upwards and outwards – is the key to spiritual growth and what the yogic call ānanda. Ānanda means bliss. And even if you don’t manage to attain sublime bliss, you can have a lot of fun along the way!

Creative inspiration can flow anytime, anywhere. For two of the techniques that have “created” the ten books I’ve had published, click here:

Prana shakti as the source of creativity

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Back in the day when the big circulation newspapers had huge budgets for advertising I worked at The Toronto Star as a copywriter in their Creative Communications department. In those days it didn’t matter to me so much what I wrote as the fact that I was writing. I churned out print ads, radio commercials, subway posters, and slogans promoting … buy msj diazepam online

Prana in the spring sprout - by Plenuska

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I sliced open a clove of garlic this morning to find, instead of the pale yellow center I would have found in the dead of winter, a pale green and growing sprout. I cut an onion and find it, too, was beginning to sprout. How, I ask myself every year when I see this springtime miracle, does it know? Science, … order valium online cheap

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When Richard III’s character was in a very tight spot, Shakespeare had him cry out, "Oh for a muse of fire; one that would light the very heaven's with invention!" Don't we all yearn at times for a muse who would light our internal sky with inventiveness, creativity, and fire? The women in these pages have been the fiery muses in my life. May the living example of their lives and their tips for becoming more inspired fuel your creativity the way it has mine….


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Singer/songwriter Pam Gerrand, has performed across Canada and the U.S. and in Europe. One of her personal highlights was singing More Grace, a song she penned about her sister Grace’s journey through cancer, at the National Arts Center in Canada’s capital. Pam now has several CDs, and in the last two years she has opened and performed with the likes … want to buy valium in uk

Jeneane :Jyoti" Prevatt founder of Kundalini Research Network and Center for Sacred Studies

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When I first laid eyes on clinical psychologist Jeneane Prevatt, PhD – or Jyoti as  she’s come to be known – it was 1990. She was standing on a registration table at a spiritual conference in California, trying to shout over the very loud rumblings of seven hundred extremely disgruntled attendees –attempting to convince them that, since there was absolutely … valium online europe

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