Fiery Muse Jeneane “Jyoti” Prevatt

Jeneane :Jyoti" Prevatt founder of Kundalini Research Network and Center for Sacred Studies

When I first laid eyes on clinical psychologist Jeneane Prevatt, PhD – or Jyoti as  she’s come to be known – it was 1990. She was standing on a registration table at a spiritual conference in California, trying to shout over the very loud rumblings of seven hundred extremely disgruntled attendees –attempting to convince them that, since there was absolutely nothing anyone could do about the fact that the entire computer system holding all the registration information had failed, they should put their spiritual practice into practice and just breathe! People who have the honor of knowing Jyoti today know that “Just breathe!” is a mantra she often repeats and one that has helped her overcome extraordinary odds and accomplish “impossible” goals.These accomplishments and her belief in the power of prayer and meditation to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds has made Jyoti a beacon of inspiration in my life.

The Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

One of the most extraordinary is the pivotal role she played in the establishment of Jyoti's book, An Angel Called my Name -- her experience of the divine feminine, also known as kundalini shaktiThe Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers – the group of indigenous elders from around the world that has been rapidly garnering international attention and gaining a worldwide following with its passionate message of the changes needed to save Mother Earth.

Unbeknownst to the individual grandmothers, the seeds of their coming together across the miles and the cultural and language barriers began in 1998 when Jyoti had a profoundly moving visionary experience. In the vision, a divine feminine form appeared and said, “I’m going to hand you one of my most precious baskets, inside this basket are some of my most treasured jewels. These jewels represent lines of prayer that go back to the origin of time. Do not mix them. Do not change them. Protect them, and keep them safe. Walk them through the doorway of the millennia, and hand them back to me. I have something we are going to do with them.

Divine Feminine Inspiration

Eventually Jyoti realized these jewels were the Grandmothers and that her job was going to be to find them and bring them together. The story of how this was accomplished is one of the most extraordinarily inspiring I have ever heard. Read about it in more detail.

Shakti and The Kundalini Research Network

Among Jyoti’s other inspiring accomplishments is the pivotal role she has played in the founding and continued work of The Kundalini Research Network –an organization dedicated to uniting a wide array of spiritual groups and individuals who, regardless of other differences in doctrine or approach, share a common belief in the importance of discovering absolutely everything possible about the transformative spiritual energy known as kundalini-shakti in yoga and by names such as jeng chi, dumo fire, and mana in other spiritual traditions.


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