Weekly Creative Exercise

Great creative expression often comes out of the clash of polar opposites – yin and yang, good and evil, darkness and light, birth and death, love and fear…. The goal this week is to intensify your creative awareness of  these contrasting energies.Your exercise is to create two separate pieces that express, in essence, two sides of the same coin. You … Continued

Watch and Listen

Interview on MaryAnne Live!

Check out this great interview Maryanne Comaroto did with Teri — it took place the day after the beleagured Giants … Continued

The Divine Feminine Fire Interview with Teri Degler- Part 1/2

Christa Thompson from Wild & Wise Women interviews Teri

Teri's Inspiring Women

Jeneane :Jyoti" Prevatt founder of Kundalini Research Network and Center for Sacred Studies

Fiery Muse Jeneane “Jyoti” Prevatt

When I first laid eyes on clinical psychologist Jeneane Prevatt, PhD – or Jyoti as  she’s come to be known – it was 1990. She was standing on a registration table at a spiritual conference in California, trying to shout over the very loud rumblings of seven hundred extremely disgruntled … Continued


Fiery Muse Kavita Byrd

Kavita Byrd has been on a spiritual quest that, as recounted in The Divine Feminine Fire, has taken her from working as a gardener on an unspoiled Greek isle to studying yoga in ashrams in India and Australia. Since then she has spent most of her life in India immersing herself … Continued