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Back in the day when the big circulation newspapers had huge budgets for advertising I worked at The Toronto Star as a copywriter in their Creative Communications department. In those days it didn’t matter to me so much what I wrote as the fact that I was writing. I churned out print ads, radio commercials, subway posters, and slogans promoting … valium online fast shipping

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Check out this great interview Maryanne Comaroto did with Teri — it took place the day after the beleagured Giants … buying valium online reviews

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Christa Thompson from Wild & Wise Women interviews Teri

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Singer/songwriter Pam Gerrand, has performed across Canada and the U.S. and in Europe. One of her personal highlights was singing More Grace, a song she penned about her sister Grace’s journey through cancer, at the National Arts Center in Canada’s capital. Pam now has several CDs, and in the last … cheap valium for sale

Jeneane :Jyoti" Prevatt founder of Kundalini Research Network and Center for Sacred Studies

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When I first laid eyes on clinical psychologist Jeneane Prevatt, PhD – or Jyoti as  she’s come to be known – it was 1990. She was standing on a registration table at a spiritual conference in California, trying to shout over the very loud rumblings of seven hundred extremely disgruntled … valium online overnight delivery